The PurpleDon Enlightenment Hour #1 – Spider-Man Symbiotes

The first episode of the brand new PurpleDon Enlightenment Hour podcast went up today. This show promises to teach about topics you may not necessarily know a great deal about and offer discussion on guests’ passions…

The beauty of PDE Hour is that guests have somewhere to express their passions, to teach others (including sometimes myself) about them and then we can have those fun discussions about these various topics within popular culture, whether that be film, TV, music, sports, art, collecting etc.

This first episode is a lesson delivered by Odd Shaped Panel’s Tom Bennis on the topic of the symbiote race in Spider-Man lore eg. the villains Venom and Carnage. This topic is one I myself do not have a vast knowledge about and this first episode certainly taught us a lot about the history of these characters as well as the best itterations of these characters to check out should we want to.

Anyway, here’s the episode on YouTube…

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