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Well…the new Bond film, Spectre opened yesterday in the UK and I, the avid Bond fan that I am, went to see it last night in high spirits and full of hope that I and many, many others in the cinema were going to be in for a damn good Bond film…was I right!?!?

Of course I was right!!

It’s difficult to explain how the Bond franchise has managed to have such a resurgence…what with the financial problems surrounding Skyfall as well as the knowledge, prior to 2006, that the franchise had run its course. So how I ask, is it that the best streak of Bond films since the early 60’s has come now!? That’s a genuine question…I can’t give an answer.

Spectre is a wonderful Bond film, truly wonderful. Following the phenomenon that was Skyfall was never going to be easy but Spectre does it remarkably and in my opinion, in many ways, tops the previous film. It certainly feels more like a Bond film as opposed to the very personal and dramatic story we got in Skyfall.

Spectre’s story feels like it could have been made in the 60’s…that’s a compliment by the way. By that I mean that it has so many classic elements of Bond films that I think were missing from the other Craig films. Not that they’re not great of course…Casino Royale and Skyfall especially but yes Quantum Of Solace is a good film!

Spectre, from a Bond fan’s point of view is the perfect Bond film…not the perfect film of course but like I said the other day in my A Nightmare On Elm Street post, I compare the quality of a Bond film to that of other Bond films. I won’t go as far to say that it’s my favourite Bond film (I don’t think you can judge that less than 24 hours after seeing it), but it’s certainly up there with the better of the films.

Spectre has the perfect light-hearted wit mixed with serious action and, in one case in particular, horrific fear that I like in a Bond film. I can’t stress enough how much it did remind me of the Sean Connery films. Speaking of something more like the Connery films, the beautiful Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann is only beaten by Vesper Lynd since Connery in terms of best and most memorable Bond girl. She really is magnificent in the role and the character herself is excellent.

Lets get on to the characters shall we…after all, memorable characters is what the Bond franchise is known for right!? We needn’t worry about Daniel Craig‘s performances as Bond anymore…because it’s obvious to us all that he really knows what he’s doing. He once again delivers perfectly with his emotional take on Bond and after watching Spectre, he’s beaten Roger Moore to second place on my favourite Bond list. I’ve already talked Lea Seydoux. Ralph Fiennes in his first appearance as M is great as you would expect from such an actor. He’s got his own take on M too and it’s very entertaining to watch. The stunning Naomie Harris returns as Moneypenny and nails it again. As does Ben Whishaw as Q.

Monica Belluci, who is now the oldest Bond girl in history (50) is given much less screen time than I’d anticipated and due to this, isn’t particularly memorable but she is an important part to the story nonetheless. Dave Bautista on the other hand, is incredibly memorable as Mr Hinx. A Spectre agent that seems like a mix of Oddjob and Red Grant. He’s 99.9% silent (Oddjob) and his power is unmatched (Grant). I always say that the only time I thought Bond wasn’t going to win was in that fight with Robert Shaw‘s character on the Orient Express in From Russia With Love…well Bond’s fight with Hinx (also aboard a train) was very similar to this. A proper Bond henchman and will definitely be remembered…quite a surprise to be honest.

Also, Andrew Scott playing Max Denbigh, who I won’t go into detail about because of spoilers, gives another great performance but of course, the one you’re all dying to hear about is Christoph Waltz…and yes, he is the villain. Waltz is arguably the finest villainous actor working today so what better place to put him than in a Bond film that felt like a classic Bond film…and yes, Waltz will be remembered for his portrayal of Franz Oberhauser…I have no doubt about that…genius.

Anyway, like I say, I won’t go into spoilers because I know it doesn’t even come out in the U.S until Nov 6 (you’ll enjoy it guys) but I need to mention the story. It is one of the key elements that I think make Spectre feel like a classic Bond film…it’s quite different to any other Craig film in that way. It’s an incredibly entertaining film with incredible action set pieces and stunts and as far as I’m concerned is a Bond fans idea of a perfect modern Bond film.

And yes I do prefer Spectre to Skyfall, I don’t think that’s the hype talking either…although I think Skyfall is the better film. That makes sense, be quiet.

There will be a day when I go through and talk about each Bond film one by one, but it is not this day (sorry didn’t mean to turn into Aragorn there). As of now, you’ve got my ‘spoiler free’ view of Spectre and you must go and watch it…it’s that simple.

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