New Star Wars Poster Released + New Trailer!!

Just look at it and start getting emotional!! The release of this new Star Wars poster today has already (obviously) got everyone talking and raised some questions…but just take a moment to look and love before we go on!!

I, like the wonderful Scott Mantz above, LOVE this new poster…I mean come on, how could I not!?

It’s got the classic Star Wars style…the villain, Kylo Ren, dominates the top of the poster similar to Vader in the original poster from 1977. Hopefully this guy can be a great and memorable villain in his own right. John Boyega’s ‘Finn’ and Daisy Ridley’s ‘Rey’ look awesome, giving us signs of things to look forward to and bringing up some older questions again…’Is Finn a Jedi?’ etc. His blue lightsaber only beaten for size by the might of Kylo’s three pronged lightsaber. I mean seriously, how much are you looking forward to seeing the lightsaber’s in this film!?

I don’t need to tell you that it’s going to be insane. Many, many people have already assured us of that…and in this instance, I definitely trust them.

Here’s one of the little sneak peaks that have been released before the trailer tomorrow…

As well as the poster showing us, the X-wing’s, the Falcon and the masses of Stormtroopers, 3PO and R2 show up, in a similar style to how they showed up in the original poster. Chewie, of course is also on there, looking delightful as always but let’s face it, what gets us most emotional looking at this is Han and Leia…just look at them again…LOOK!!

Its 2 months till The Force Awakens is released and it still hasn’t quite sunk in for me. I don’t think it will have when I’m standing waiting to go into the cinema on Dec 18 to watch it. It’s still too good to be true this close to its release and while newly released stuff makes me mentally realise that its happening, emotionally, I still think it’s all a big, cruel trick on the world.

Having mentioned Han and Leia, oh wait, Luke? Luke? LUKE? He’s not there! Where’s Luke? WHERE THE HELL IS LUKE SKYWALKER?

Seriously though, where is he? I find it strange that he isn’t included on the poster at all…not even in a small picture in the background or anything. I don’t really know what to make of it…let me know what you think.

Here’s what Twitter thinks…

Yeah, I don’t think I need to put any more out there…you get the idea.

There will also be a new trailer tomorrow that will première on ESPN during halftime of the Giants/Eagles NFL game. I’m not sure whether I am actually going to watch it or not before I see the film…possible risk of spoilers and I’d rather be pleasantly surprised on Dec 18.

You may as well just ignore that last bit…of course I watched it and here it is for you too. There aren’t words that can describe the feeling!!

Be sure to let me know what you think of this new wonderful poster, that I will most certainly be purchasing, and check me out on Twitter and Instagram!!

My Star Wars discussion will be up on Dec 18

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