New Comic Book Flick-through #8 (feat. Darth Vader #1!!)

New Comic Book Flick-through #8 (feat. Darth Vader #1!!)

Apologies for the short unforseen hiatus but I can assure you, we’re back with new casual relaxed comic book discussions every Thursday…especially with the amount of books coming this summer!!

This week we have issue one in Charles Soule’s new Darth Vader series, taking place directly after the end of Revenge of the Sith. We also have Soule’s Daredevil #21, the start of a new storyline for Matt Murdock. Brain Michael Bendis continues his return to Jessica Jones with #9, Shea Fontana writes a single issue story for Justice League #22 and Jon Schnepp brings us the finale of his three issue limited series for Dark Horse, Slayer: Repentless, based on the ‘Repentless’ trilogy of music videos from the title heavy metal band.

Anyway…here’s the video…


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