New Comic Book Flick-through #5 (Batman/The Shadow – Darth Maul – JLA – Elektra – NEW TRADES)

We have a pretty big haul this week…not only of new single issues but of some trade paperbacks I picked up this week too!! We’ve got the first in a new Batman crossover limited series, a new JLA storyline and two #3s with Darth Maul and Elektra…

Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando have teamed to right a crossover between Batman and The Shadow, a character created a decade before Batman and who Bill Finger and Bob Kane took inspiration from when originally conceiving the caped crusader. We also have Part One of the Justice League of America’s new Heart of Bastich storyline and more developments in both Darth Maul and Elektra’s 5 issue limited series’…

Anyway…here’s the video…

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