New Comic Book Flick-through #4 (Daredevil – All Star Batman – Poe Dameron – HORROR)

This week was a great one with the new comics I picked up. We have a Batman storyline finale, a Star Wars space battle, Daredevil dealing with mind control and a collection of old Horror comics from the 50s…

The Ends of the Earth¬†storyline from Scott Snyder’s All Star Batman came to an end this week in Issue #9 and we also have Daredevil #19, part three of the Purple storyline and Poe Dameron #13, both written by Charles Soule.

But perhaps the pick of the week was Haunted Horror #27 from IDW, part three of three of a collection of classic Horror comics of the early 1950s…I simply HAD to pick that one up!!

Anyway…here’s the video…

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More Comics Next Thursday

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