House Of The Long Shadows

Carrying on our horror journey, we have a film that is so outside any other 1980’s horror…and for good reason. Simply, it’s an homage to classic, British horror of the previous decades and brings in 4 real legends of the genre. It’s a delightful throwback that works perfectly, bringing both the fun and the creepy elements that older horrors with these fine actors brought. It’s Pete Walker‘s 1983 film, House of The Long Shadows!!

Now believe me when I say that this film isn’t great. There are elements of it that are downright awful…I’m looking at you Desi Arnaz Jr.. Seriously he’s an embarrassment to this film and the legends around him. But if you look over that, as I do, you’ll find a very enjoyable, entertaining film with just as much genuine creep factor as slightly goofy fun. Sort of a gothic equivalent to Evil Dead.

Here’s the trailer to give you a taster…

Anyway, now that you’ve had that little taster, let’s get into talking about it more. Starting with the best part about the film. The coming together of four of the greatest actors in genre history. You can see the delightful picture of the four of them as the main image of this post. Vincent Price (see my posts of some of his films here and here), Peter Cushing (see my only post on another of his films here), John Carradine and arguably the most recognisable and the most iconic, Sir Christopher Lee (see my posts on some of his films here and here).

I needn’t say any more about those four icons that I haven’t already said in previous posts but to see them all in the same film, playing off each other is a genre fans dream. That’s the real pulling factor to this one. If you’re not a fan of these older style horrors then I’m not going to pretend that this one is for you…it won’t be and I wouldn’t waste your time because if it wasn’t for the delight of seeing the legends together…I’d have given this a miss too.

There is another element to this film that I happen to really like though. It’s more of quite a goofy element but if you don’t take the film too seriously, then I think you’ll find it very effective. There is a twist at the end that I think, or at least I did when I watched the film, is great. For me, it mirrored the fun that the legends must have been having all in the same film together as it is known that they were very good friends. The twist will feel poor for some but I think if you really remove yourself from the world and watch this film for the legends, you’ll find the twist actually really works and offers a nice end to the story.

I also think the poster is brilliant!!

But anyway, lets wrap it up. House of the Long Shadows is a genre film if ever there was one and I’d only recommend it to those who are fans of genre and/or of the actors as beside that, it’s not great. But I really do like it and I hope those of you who are interested will check it out and enjoy its creepiness and its slight silliness too.

Next up on our journey is a real favourite. One of the first films that comes to mind when you think of the horror genre and one that, quite differently from this one, tends to be universally loved. From 1984, its director devastatingly recently passed away and the upcoming post will also be a tribute to the great man. I don’t think I need to say more.

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