HorrorHouse Podcast – Exactly What To Expect

The first episode of the HorrorHouse Podcast, available on the PurpleDon Youtube Channel, was uploaded a couple of Sunday’s ago and now, having figured out a few more of the little details of the podcast before the release of Episode 2 this Sunday, I’m telling you exactly what to expect…

Firstly, for anyone reading this, the best way to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with this brand new podcast is to follow it on Twitter. Here you can use #HorrorHousePod to give your thoughts on the topics discussed in that weeks episode or offer suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered in future shows. It’s also the quickest way to know when the podcast is available to you, aside from subscribing to the PurpleDon Youtube Channel. We really want to hear any and every bit of feedback any listeners may have as it can all help to develop and better the podcast in the future.

HorrorHouse, unsurprisingly, entirely focusses on the Horror genre and as was said at the start of Episode 1, this could move into TV series, books, etc. in the future should listeners want that but will mainly focus on films. It will cover the entire spectrum of Horror films from the early silent days to what’s coming out later this year and deal with films from all manner of countries because it’s true that some of the best are not in English. The podcast will not only talk about films but will focus on actors, directors, perhaps even make up artists who worked in the genre and we will discuss our feelings about their work.

Each episode will have a different main topic and these will change from the general ‘Greatest Actors of the Genre’ like Episode 1, to more specific discussions like what you’ll hear in Episode 2 to profiles of certain actors or directors and detailed studies of one particular film. HorrorHouse will cover all these areas and more keeping each episode fresh and hopefully interesting for any listeners.

In the technical side of things, we hope to always try to develop it so it sounds more professional and perhaps one day even include video with the audio…although the lack of technological knowledge on our part may hinder that for a while. Considering the podcast is currently recorded on a single microphone in a non-studio setting, I don’t think it sounds too bad.

Really though, the main focus of the podcast is showing love to perhaps the oldest and most grounded genre in the world of the arts and celebrating all that Horror gives us. This is why we want to create great interactivity with our listeners as any opinion on any topic you may comment or tweet to us can be used to add to the celebration and love of the genre.

There may be times, such as the upcoming Episode 2 for example, where there is just one of us hosting…and that is simply due to incredibly busy schedules…so when that is the case, for that episode, the podcast will become more of a ‘train of thought’ discussion about a topic rather than a big general episode like our first one was. All we want to do is give anyone willing to listen a nice, casual, real-life, passionate, potentially thought provoking piece of entertainment on a Sunday evening…and as for releasing it weekly or bi-weekly…for the forseeable future, we’ve settled on bi-weekly but that could change quickly and all that would mean would be more horror goodness for you all to listen to.

Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter and subscribe to the PurpleDon YouTube channel to catch anything new on there…this is a brand new project and will take a little time to get running at full power, but when it does, I hope it to be a success.

HorrorHouse Episode 2 Available Sunday

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