HorrorHouse Episode Six – Self Aware Horror Movies

Episode 6 of HorrorHouse is now available for all your listening pleasure…and here it is…

In this episode, myself and host of The DVD Bunker on The TUFF Channel and very good friend of mine, Brain Hurst discuss some of the most interesting films in this fine genre, those that deconstruct horror cinema and are aware of themselves…here’s the episode…

As of this week, HorrorHouse is also now available on SoundCloud – just search HorrorHouse and you should find it – but as usual, the PurpleDon YouTube Channel is currently the only place to find all episodes in a playlist.

I hope you enjoy this episode…it certainly was a pleasure to record it and as usual, any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

If you do have any questions, suggestions for future guests or topics or just want to talk some Horror, use #HorrorHousePod and follow the podcast on Twitter.

Also, if you haven’t, be sure to check out all the other episodes in the HorrorHouse Podcast Playlist on YouTube too!!

Let me know your thoughts on Episode 6 in the comments and be sure to check me out on Twitter and Instagram!

More HorrorHouse Soon

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