HorrorHouse Episode Five – Let’s Get ‘HAMMER’ed

Two weeks have passed again and although it has been out since Sunday, here is Episode 5 of HorrorHouse…

In this episode, me and my very good friend, huge ScreenJunkies Plus fan and all round movie geek, Billy Pollihan discuss all things Hammer Horror, Britain’s finest export in film history…anyway, here’s the episode…

I am currently working to get HorrorHouse out on more platforms with an audio only version but for now, the PurpleDon YouTube channel is the only place to find this new podcast.

Hopefully this episode is just as, if not more enjoyable than the previous ones for you and as usual, any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated.

If you do have any questions, suggestions for future guests or topics or just want to talk some Horror, use #HorrorHousePod and follow the podcast on Twitter.

Also, if you haven’t, be sure to check out all the other episodes in the HorrorHouse Podcast playlist on YouTube too!!

Let me know your thoughts on Episode 5 in the comments and be sure to check me out on Twitter and Instagram!

More HorrorHouse Soon


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