HorrorHouse Episode 14 – Best Horror of 2016

I must apologise for there not being an episode last week as scheduled but this week, I’ve tried to make up for that with an extra special longer episode…

In episode 14, I discuss the best (and some worst) Horror movies of 2016 with ScreenJunkies certified #1 fan and the buggest sweetheart on the internet, Raul Rodriguez. This year has been an excellent year for Horror and as you may know, I beleive this year to be the start of a resurgence in the genre. Here’s the episode…

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The PurpleDon YouTube Channel is still the main home of HorrorHouse but as of the Halloween Special, HorrorHouse is now available in AUDIO ONLY, downloadable format on Spreaker. The most recent 3 episodes (currenty episodes 12, 13 & 14) are on there available for download and that will be updated every time a new episode goes up. As for the rest of the episodes, YouTube, and specifically the HorrorHouse Podcast Playlist is where to go!!

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