HorrorHouse Episode 12 – Halloween Special 2016

It’s Halloween weekend (a.k.a THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR) and it just so happens that two weeks have also passed since HorrorHouse Episode 11…the first Halloween Special of HorrorHouse is here…

This episode is a very casual discussion on what Halloween means to people with more than enough horror thrown in there. Myself and a plethora of wonderful guests, both veterans of HH and some newbies, also answer some viewer sent questions and have a lot of fun talking about the most horror filled time of year…here’s the episode…

As always, I hope you enjoy this episode. Having so many different guests on like this really makes it a lot of fun I think but be sure to let me know how you feel about this and if you do have any questions or suggestions for future topics or guests, use #HorrorHousePod on Twitter and let me know!! Please share this episode around if you did enjoy it and you can also follow the podcast on Twitter @HorrorHousePod to keep up with any updates!!

The PurpleDon YouTube Channel is still the main home of HorrorHouse but as of this episode, HorrorHouse is now available in AUDIO ONLY, downloadable format on Spreaker. The most recent 3 episodes will be on there available for download and that will be updated every time a new episode goes up. As for the rest of the episodes, YouTube, and specifically the HorrorHouse Podcast Playlist is where to go!!

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Episode 12 – The Halloween Special and check me out on Twitter and Instagram!

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