HorrorHouse Episode 11 – Grimmfest 2016 Round Up + Edgar Allan Poe

Following on from the delight that was episode 10 ‘The Price Episode’ and with Grimmfest 2016 having been last weekend…this week’s episode of HorrorHouse rounds up Manchester’s Horror Festival before taking a more relaxing turn as I read some Edgar Allan Poe…here it is…

I was also honoured to have Matt Stuertz, the director of one of my highlights from Grimmfest 2016, Tonight She Comes, join me for a short interview to discuss his film…you can check out my full piece on Tonight She Comes here!!

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Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first 10 episodes of the show in the HorrorHouse Podcast Playlist on YouTube too!!

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