GRIMMFEST 2016: My Thoughts On – Tonight She Comes

The horror genre has undergone a resurgence in 2016. This year has seen consistent legitimate quality from horror that recent past years just haven’t had.

From the bigger, studio-backed films like The Conjuring 2, sleeper hits like Don’t Breathe, unusual indie gems like The Witch and even on TV with season two of Ash vs Evil Dead back in glorious form, 2016 has proven to be a great year for the horror genre going forward.

Tonight She Comes, which had its world premiere on Sunday at Grimmfest 2016, is not only another example of a great unique horror film this year, but may very well have given horror fans a name to look out for in the near future.

A bizarre, satanic, gory, hilarious, disturbing and hugely fun movie.

That name for fans to look out for…is Matt Stuertz, the young director/writer/editor of Tonight She Comes. It is clear from the first minute that he had a blast creating this film and you can certainly tell just how big of a fan of the genre he is.

Some of the best horror movies come from the biggest horror fans; they know what they like after all. Matt Stuertz is a name that will be going around horror circles like wildfire upon Tonight She Comes’ theatrical release. He is an example of freshness within the genre, something which many of the horror films of this year have consistently given us.

When stories look to be heading in one direction, they go the opposite way.

Tonight She Comes is completely insane in its story. It begins as if it were a typical slasher; a few jokes, some ‘excessive’ flirting, a couple scares and a decent amount of violence but sharply turns into something on a complete other level.

There are few films that come to mind that just get crazier and crazier up until the very last scene. As Stuertz said in the Q&A that followed the screening, he wanted to make sure that, unlike many slashers, this film didn’t dip off in the last ten minutes.

He also spoke about cutting the film down to just the right length to ensure it didn’t outstay its welcome. It’s safe to say he was successful in that department.

The film also has a brilliant 80s style synth score by Wojciech Golczewski that adds to both the unsettling and the fun nature of it.

As a lover and advocate of practical effects in film over CGI, Tonight She Comes is a blessing. The outrageous amount of blood and gore in this film will make anyone marvel at the effects team’s work but will be far too much for those with little stomach for blood to handle.

Fans of gore are sure to love this film. Those who don’t like that kind of thing will almost definitely throw up watching this film. Stuertz doesn’t just leave it at plain and simple blood either. The film is impressively unafraid to confront any bodily function.

As Stuertz said, he wanted to (and did) make a film that just became more and more insane as it went on. That brings us to the final scene. Perhaps the most shocking, disturbing, graphic, bizarre final image that you will ever see. The sight of it will never leave your mind…and as aforementioned, all the effects are practical.

That just adds to the extreme nature of it.

Tonight She Comes shines in its craziness. Its cast of characters are insane. The story is completely insane. And the gore is out of this world insane.

This is a film that should not be missed by horror fans and Matt Stuertz is a name that hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more of very soon.

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