For A Few Dollars More

Today, I talk about the second film in Leone’s ‘Dollars Trilogy’…the final one for me to discuss…1965’s For A Few Dollars More. The one that incorporates the three major players in the trilogy in the same film!!

The main cast: Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Gian Maria Volonté are the only major actors to appear in more than one of the trilogy’s films (some supporting members appear in all three) and they, as expected, are once again excellent. Eastwood’s ‘Man With No Name’ has an official profession in this one…a bounty hunter, who, along with fellow bounty hunter, Van Cleef’s ‘Col. Douglas Mortimer’, track down Volonté ruthless gang leader, El Indio. Once again playing a ruthless gang leader, Volonté gives a superior performance in this one to his role in ‘A Fistful Of Dollars’; he brings more depth to this character and is a more compelling watch.


Eastwood. Cool as ever in his trademark poncho

It needn’t be mentioned that Eastwood, once again, is excellent in his role, like Volonté, improving from the previous film…you really get the impression that he is truly coming into the character more in this one before perfecting it in ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. Van Cleef, in his first of two roles in the trilogy, may not be as good in this as he is in GBU but is still excellent to watch. It seems to me that everything about this trilogy was building up and building up to achieve the cinematic perfection that GBU was. Of course, this one and the previous film are also fantastic films and ones that all should watch…they don’t however achieve the absolute perfection that the later film does.


Gian Maria Volonté as El Indio, The Indian

I don’t need to say this again, but Leone truly was a master of stylish cinema and that is also another aspect that is improved on in this film…he broke many traditional Hollywood rules when making this trilogy and I’m hugely thankful he did…the spaghetti western truly is one of the most stylish sub-genres  in cinema history and this film is a prime example of the genre…one of the best.

A slightly shorter post today, mainly because I’ve said pretty much all I need to about this trilogy and the brilliant quality of it…I’ve said this before too…definitely a must watch for all film lovers.


The two bounty hunters…Van Cleef’s first appearance in the trilogy

Similarly to ‘A Fistful Of Dollars’, this is a film I wouldn’t say I love, but I very much like.

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