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Deadpool hit cinemas here in the UK yesterday and, naturally, I had my ticket. Sitting in a packed out screening of Marvel’s latest effort is always an event but more often than not with these films, you’re left somewhat disappointed…the same CANNOT be said for Deadpool

I want to start by saying that I wasn’t overly familiar with the character before seeing this film although I had taken it upon myself to educate myself on the major details of the character of Deadpool so I knew what to expect from the film…I’m very glad I did that.

I went in expecting a good amount of humour and fun but wasn’t quite prepared for just how much fun I would have with this one. Like I say, not being a huge Deadpool fan to begin with may have helped me here as I’m sure fans are quite aware of just how funny the character is…but I was not. This film is hilarious…genuinely…and by far the funniest (and arguably most fun) superhero film I’ve ever watched. I’m not going to come out and say it’s my favourite superhero movie of all time or that it was a perfect film because that’s simply not true. But, I think it completely pulled off what it was going for and the overall tone and style of it were perfect for the character and ultimately, perfect for the film. Be careful when reading that…I’m NOT saying it was a perfect film…I’m not getting carried away. I’m simply saying that for what it was trying to do, it did it perfectly.

First of all, the opening credits were fantastic. When you start a film by saying ’20th Century Fox presents…Some Douchbag’s Film’, you know you’re in for a great time and that’s exactly what this film was…a damn great time. Ryan Reynolds completely (at least in my eyes) makes up for the horrifying Green Lantern and truly brought this cult favourite character to life. His humour always hits and his references to other films, the making of this film and the overall MCU are brilliant. But aside from that, Reynolds also plays this with a lot of heart…something I was pleasantly surprised about when watching this one. There’s a scene near the beginning when Wade Wilson (Deadpool) breaks the fourth wall (something he does quite often) and tells us that this is a love story…and he isn’t lying. It’s not easy to describe this film overall because it’s pretty ‘genre-bending’ but that’s an element I love about it. It’s definitely got love in there but there is also plenty more.

As far as the supporting cast go, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa (Wade’s girlfriend), is equally funny and heart-warming as Wade himself and provides something quite different to the usual ‘superhero damsel in distress’ in that she has a mouth on her like the merc himself…I guess that’s what makes them a great couple though eh!? T.J Miller as Weasel, the guy who runs Sister Margaret’s School For Wayward Girls, the bar which Wade frequents, is also hilarious as ‘the comic relief’ (as the opening credits would tell you). I think what may set Deadpool apart from the other Marvel movies (not in terms of superior quality, just difference), is that Wade himself is probably the most ‘regular-guy’ superhero (sorry Wade, I know you’re not a hero) that we’ve seen on the big screen and it’s this that makes him so likeable and identifiable to the audience and I think that’s why everyone (including non-original fans like myself) now loves the guy because he’s just like us.

That’s what makes Deadpool so different to all the other MCU movies because this is a guy that is ‘normal’…he’s not Tony Stark, he’s not Bruce Banner and he’s certainly not Thor and that’s why I think this one was so successful…because of it’s radical difference (and we’ve not even touched on the violence, language or nudity yet) to the other MCU movies…a difference I, and I’m sure the majority of you reading, welcome.

More cast members include Ed Skrein as the decent villain Ajax/Francis and Brianna Hildebrand as the incredibly named and very memorable ‘Negasonic Teenage Warhead’ who, along with fellow X-Man, Colossus, helps Wade in retrieving Vanessa and winning her back (in true superhero style – although not quite).

Where would a Marvel movie discussion be without mention of the Stan Lee cameo who, in this one, plays the DJ at a strip club. Probably his best cameo yet and a perfect fit for this movie. Mentioning the strip club, the filmmakers truly embraced making this Rated-R (or 15 in the UK) as they didn’t hold back on showing stuff that would just look completely out of place in other Marvel movies…being that this scene was in a strip club, I think you can probably guess what was shown without me telling you straight.

But anyway, let’s wrap this up, Deadpool was hilarious, brilliantly self aware and referential, full-on action packed, surprisingly heartwarming and most important at all, very memorable compared to the majority of the somewhat forgettable Marvel movies of late…truly a welcome difference…and I can’t wait for the now confirmed sequel.

Plus, the end credits scene…which I won’t tell you if you haven’t seen the film yet…is perfect (and definitely not what you would expect)…I’ll give you a clue though…chika chikaaaa!!

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