Captain America Civil War – The Best Spiderman Movie Ever: My Thoughts

There was certainly a lot to process coming out of that packed screening that I saw Civil War in on Friday night…in a good way mind…there was a lot in this movie but yet it all seemed to work to create arguably my favourite of the MCU so far…but it did get me pumped for a few films to come on the slate.

Now, I’m gonna come out and say it…I’m not the biggest fan of the huge big-scale Avengers fighting in the air flying around god-like indestructibility. I much prefer the street level fighting and the smaller scale of the Marvel Netflix Universe. So it makes sense that I’m going to say that my favourite characters in this film were Black Panther, Ant-Man and Spiderman. Ant-Man doesn’t have a great deal of screen time but he does some truly awesome stuff and brings that great sense of humour we saw in his solo movie. Black Panther is probably the best character in this film…in terms of motivation, style, performance (an excellent one by Chadwick Boseman) and in being essentially an advertisement for his solo movie, Black Panther’s character is perfect. I am a huge fan of Boseman from his performance in Get On Up and to see him do this well in such a huge movie was really great to see.

You may have gathered already from my slightly disjointed writing that I’m not the biggest ‘MarvelHead’ so no, I don’t know the ins-and-outs of every part of the MCU and I don’t pretend to. I saw this movie because I was excited to see the smaller characters who to me, don’t feel as indestructible as the main two battling in this ‘Civil War’. There was that whole ‘Team Cap or Team Iron Man’ thing on social media and yes, I did get involved, I’m Team Cap. Strangely enough, I’ve never been a huge lover of Iron Man in the MCU…nothing against Robert Downey Jr‘s performance…I do think he’s great. It’s just that Iron Man doesn’t seem to appeal to me…sorry fans. The scene in this one where he goes to Peter Parker’s home and convinces him to join him is incredible though and certainly one of the best parts of the movie.

Civil War isn’t supposed to be a great piece of cinema…it’s supposed to be a fun, geeky, visually incredible superhero movie and guess what…it is just that. There’s little else to say about the actual film…it did it’s job perfectly and is probably my favourite of the MCU so far…I had an absolute blast at the cinema and that’s coming from a guy who likes, not loves, the MCU. The Russo Brothers certainly know how to make a great superhero film…as they’ve shown twice now and that gives all the ‘MarvelHeads’ great feelings about Infinity War I’m sure.

Onto the characters in Civil War now. There’s a reason I called this post ‘The Best Spiderman Movie Ever’ and that’s because it portrays the Spiderman that I, and many fans who grew up with the character, wanted to see. Tom Holland is a teenager, his Spiderman is starstruck by Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of them, he quips and he has the classic suit. It’s exactly what we, the fans, want from Spiderman and my god, Holland delivers the goods. Similar to what I said about Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther earlier on, Holland’s Spiderman is one of the best characters in this movie and a phenomenal addition to the MCU. Spiderman: Homecoming could not come sooner for me after seeing this.

I said I loved Paul Rudd‘s Ant-Man in this one again and I’m also a big fan of Anthony Mackie‘s Falcon. He’s another actor that I greatly admire and to see him do so well in these big Marvel movies is great to see. To be honest, there isn’t a bad performance in the film and that’s because the MCU always nail their casting choices. Every one of them had their time to shine and they all delivered. As far as character performances go though, Sebastian Stan‘s Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier is probably the strongest. The conflicted nature of his character is greatly portrayed and the friendship between him and Chris Evans‘ Cap is clear and, for fans, I imagine pretty heart-warming. Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner brought the goods that they’ve had throughout again. Paul Bettany‘s Vision was explored more and had a bit more to do in this one which was good to see…as was Elizabeth Olsen‘s Scarlet Witch. I may seem like I’m on a slight Don Cheadle high after seeing Miles Ahead last week but I actually thought he was great here compared to him in the other MCU films. He had his moments and delivered on them well.

Finally, let’s talk about the story. The villain in Civil War is played by another actor I really like, Daniel Bruhl although he’s not a great villain here. It’s probably the weakest part of the movie. I thought his motives were pretty weak and while he was played very well by the always excellent Bruhl, his character was not one of the film’s strong points. Ultimately though, this was a Captain America vs Iron Man film and on that aspect, it wholly delivered.

I feel like delivering fan service a film like this is far more important than actually creating a good movie…luckily, Civil War does them both…and yes, believe what you here, the airport scene is, yes IS the greatest superhero fight in any movie hands down.

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